Our ‘farming’ of
green moss is
sustainable and
kind to the
Envelope graphic All moss liners are made from environmentally friendly moss.
Envelope graphic Our farmed moss does not destroy wild insects & bird life.
Envelope graphic No heavy machinery is used in harvesting.
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We are pleased to be working with a leading New Zealand Moss supplier to grow the market for quality moss products in the UK and EU.

Green Woodland Moss has been scoured and stripped from vast areas of forest all over the world. This destroys the habitat for many insects and in turn directly reduces wild bird populations. Studies show Woodland Moss regeneration can take 20 years or more and many species of native moss and lichens have never fully recovered.

Unlike Woodland Moss, ours is ‘farmed’ based on a sustainable management program approved by New Zealand’s Department of Conservation. This plan ensures the regeneration of the moss, while protecting the wildlife and the environment.

Harvesters in our New Zealand Swamps use only pitchforks to pick the moss and no heavy machinery is used.

In fact, independent and government reports confirm our New Zealand Moss is a sustainable resource, regenerating every 2-4 years and that regular farming has improved the New Zealand Moss overall quantity and quality. Harvesting the moss regularly actually stimulates the environment rather than damaging it.
Our Moss Liners give better plant health
Independent trials carried out over 6 months by New Zealand leading horticulturist, author and gardening personality, Bill Ward, confirmed that plant health is significantly superior in baskets lined with our moss Liners.

From these trials it was concluded that our Moss has the ability to hold the water and also to hold the nutrients in the soil for a greater length of time than the Coco-fibre, plastic pots or traditional woodland moss. This meant that the health of the plants in the our Moss was far better and lasted longer than the others.

It was clearly evident that plants in our Moss lined baskets enjoyed superior health and longevity when compared to those that had been watered twice as much in baskets lined with coco-fibre.

If you are a grower in the EU (of Orchids for instance) or Distributor , please contact us for more information for supplies of bulk or moss basket liners. If in the UK please contact us and we can confirm if our UK Distributor is finalised.
Our Moss Liners give better plant health
Our Moss Liners give better plant health
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