What our customers say
Kevin -Central Heating Engineer Halsall Heating Southport Merseyside:
This is the first product I have used that has cleaned removed the smell of oil from my hands. They also feel much smoother. Where can we buy it from?
Mike- Fork Lift Engineer Farmer Foster Fork Lifts Burscough Lancashire:
This works as well as any product we have used for getting oil and grease off our hands. We would definitely use this product.
Paul Mc Garvey Builder and Pest Control Ormskirk Lancashire:
I have not used a hand cleaner that can remove silicone from my hands before, and as I have sensitive skin this product feels much kinder to use than others I have in the past. I would certainly use this product.
Colin – Chief Mechanic Chapelhouse Multi Franchise Garage Southport Merseyside:
That hand cleaning product I trialled was great, it really worked well getting the grease off my hands and was pleasant to use. I would use it.
John – Paint Mixer AutoPaint - Auto Refinishing Products St Helens:
Works as well as any other cleaner we have used and gets all paint off my hands. Very pleased with the product.
Nigel Sales Desk Manager – Bryan Hoggarth Ltd – Tractor Dealers and Servicing Burscough Lancashire:
The mechanics used it and found the heavy duty product great to use and very effective. Even I used it and found it very good.
Chris Tyre Fitter National Tyres Skelmersdale:
Brilliant worked really well at cleaning my hands, and unlike Swarfega which leaves my hands dry and cracked, Zeosoft left my hands feeling really good.
Veterinary Surgery Staffordshire:
A couple of the Vets in the Practice have used it and are very pleased with the product. It appears to work well.
John Smith Buds & Blooms Garden Nursery:
The cleaner is really good, hands looked clean and felt good, and my friend a Veterinary Surgeon also tested it and found it very good.
Jo Hooker – Professional Training Consultant & Recreational Gardener Ormskirk:
This is fantastic stuff, cleans bitumen paint and any gardening or general household muck and smells off my hands every time.
Bill and Bob Central Heating Engineers Leighton Watkinson Lancashire:
It is great after a days work with oil and solder to be able to wash your hands with a product that not only cleaned the dirt and smells off our hands but left them soft and supple. We would recommend Zeosoft.
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