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environment and
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A high performance hand cleaner
Envelope graphic Works in an entirely unique way – unlike any other hand cleaner
Envelope graphic Natural and kind to your hands – leaves them soft and refreshed
Envelope graphic Does not contain nasty chemicals
Envelope graphic Contains Manuka Oil and Lemon Tea Tree Oil – mildly antiseptic
Envelope graphic Removes smells odours and dirt which are captured by the soft Zeolite particles
Envelope graphic Eco positive as it continues to absorb toxins as it goes down the waste water system
Envelope graphic Zeosoft has an application anywhere people get dirty hands
Envelope graphic A significant positive addition to Environmental Policies and Statements for any business
Envelope graphic So far no cleaning job has been found that Zeosoft can’t handle.water system
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The natural mineral handcleaner that takes care of odours and dirt plus cares for your hands and the environment.

Zeolites are minerals for the new age, nature’s kryptonite, and its mineral sponge. They are one of the most natural substances known to man and have the unique ability to attract the compounds responsible for odors, trapping them inside its crystal structure.

Zeosoft Natural uses a New Zealand variety of Zeolite that when combined in certain formulations removes industrial stains, grease and grime, and at the same time deodorise (removing smells), exfoliate and help detoxify while remaining kind to users’ hands.

ZEOSOFT hand cleaners have a unique capacity to do three important cleaning tasks, in an entirely natural way:
•   Firstly, get rid of the ‘gunk’. They remove stubborn dirt, grime, oil, grease, paint, adhesives, chemicals, wood sap, animal and plant residues of all types, and the really ground-in grime.
Secondly, they remove odours, across a broad spectrum. This includes the smells from job materials, chemicals, and the stuff that gets on working hands. Also great for fish odours, garlic, salmon oil, nicotene, whatever smells you are trying to get off your hands.
Thirdly, they contain mineral ingredients known to help trap and remove numerous toxins and contaminants.
Zeosoft Natural Hand Cleaners use only natural ingredients and leave the skin feeling refreshed. And, unlike other hand cleaners, the natural minerals in Zeosoft go on cleaning up as they return to the waterways.
Natural Heavy Duty
Hand Cleaners
For the tougher hand cleaning jobs, like engine or axle grease, tar, paint, adhesives, wood sap, timber treatment residues, metal residues and really ground-in grime; the stuff that is really hard for most cleaners to get off. It does the job superbly.

It is a paste-like product and comes in tubs, pails and large containers for work sites. The product is also available in a soap bar.
Natural Heavy Duty Hand Cleaners Natural Heavy Duty Hand Cleaners Natural Heavy Duty Hand Cleaners Natural Heavy Duty Hand Cleaners
Natural Hard Working Cleaners
A slightly lighter version, more a medium range cleaner. It is suitable for all trades, light engineering, farm and animal work, horticulture, fishing industries, landscaping, irrigation, sanitation work, chemical handlers, general working grime and cleaning up from DIY projects.

Great to have where you are working with paint, machinery and equipment, animals or plants, forest products, fish, chemicals or the land. Keep it in the workplace, in the vehicle, and in the laundry for the sort of after work clean up you do there. And its great for the boat too, as it deals with fish odours of course.

This is a gel, and comes in tubes and large pump bottles, and in bigger containers and dispensers for larger work situations.
Natural Heavy Duty Hand Cleaners Natural Heavy Duty Hand Cleaners
The Household soap (bar and handwash) and kitchen / bathroom pump soap are ideal for cleaning jobs around the house from hand odours (fish, garlic etc), paint, dye, grease, oil, garden dirt and hair dye. Clothing including grass stains, wine, choolate, vivid ink, paint, dye, grase, oil, and pen. General use includes pots, pans, chopping boards, BBQ, cups - tea nad coffee stains, tar, wax, soap scum, red wine, marked walls, uphostery, pet odour, food dyes, flower stain and much more.

The day to day handwash leaves hands clean and soft and removes odours and removes the need for moisturisers.
Household Household Household Household Household
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